Heightmaps (93 files)

Heightmap NameVersionDownloadsLicense
Europe1281199 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Square)1220058 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Tall)1205789 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe1204703 timesCC-BY v3.0
The World1197843 timesCC-BY v3.0
Continental USA1194248 timesCC-BY v3.0
Caribbean1191466 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe (Tall)1188362 timesCC-BY v3.0
Amazonian Basin1187294 timesCC-BY v3.0
Korea and Japan1182573 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and West USA1182068 timesCC-BY v3.0
Arabian Peninsula1179572 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Square)1178171 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Wide)1176452 timesCC-BY v3.0
China and Surrounding Countries1175928 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and East Australia1174463 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, England and Wales1171382 timesGPL v2
Spain & Portugal1169303 timesCC-BY v3.0
US East Coast1168168 timesCC-BY v3.0
Himalayas1166862 timesCC-BY v3.0
SE USA1166560 timesCC-BY v3.0
Congo River Basin1164928 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, East Anglia1164246 timesGPL v2
The Black Sea1164002 timesCC-BY v3.0
Volcano-X1.0163199 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
East Africa (Low Terrain)1162716 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Africa (High Terrain)1162520 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, The Midlands1161962 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Wales1161039 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Man1160814 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, The Southeast1160763 timesGPL v2
Mars elevation model0.2160755 timesCC-BY v3.0
Iceland1.0160359 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Great Britain, The Southwest1160231 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Thames Estuary1160059 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Wight1159381 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, North Wales1158872 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, South Wales1158543 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, the Pennines1158351 timesGPL v2
Indian Subcontinent1158189 timesCC-BY v3.0
Southern South America1158042 timesCC-BY v3.0
Example staircase1157357 timesGPL v2
The Caspian Sea1155838 timesCC-BY v3.0
New Guinea1153199 timesCC-BY v3.0
Iberian Peninsula1.0152747 timesGPL v3
Wide Lakelands1.0147523 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Curve Land 10.9145073 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 31.0143175 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 21.0142938 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Taiwan1141913 timesCC-BY v3.0
Uruguay Heightmap1.1139582 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 11.0139411 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
UK Heightmap3.00138617 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 21.0137772 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Israel1.0137676 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 31.0137369 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Fracland 41.0137038 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Ukraine1.0130787 timesCC-BY v3.0
ScotlandV0.1125554 timesGPL v2
Northern Caribbean1.00120657 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Scotland, Fife0.2119264 timesGPL v3
Siberia1.097124 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Crete2.078852 timesGPL v2
Cuba1.0078721 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Netherlands - Rijnmond / Goeree1.076311 timesGPL v3
A Song of Ice and Fire1.567123 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Australia, Victoria2.057196 timesGPL v3
Alpha Centauri Heightmapv155611 timesGPL v2
West Norway1.0.2012100655555 timesCC-0 v1.0
Europe (4096 x 4096)444677 timesGPL v2
Long Island (USA)0.142504 timesGPL v2
Java - Indonesia138008 timesGPL v2
Star Continent1.00333802 timesCC-0 v1.0
Very Flat Heightmap133573 timesGPL v2
Reconstituted Reality1.029794 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Wozo Continent2r127640 timesCC-0 v1.0
UK 4096x4096122279 timesGPL v3
Austraterra and Boreaterra 1k3r121952 timesCC-0 v1.0
Austraterra and Boreaterra 2k3r121949 timesCC-0 v1.0
Singapore and Surroundings0.119807 timesCC-0 v1.0
Ireland 4096x4096118993 timesGPL v3
The World218003 timesCC-0 v1.0
South East Asia1.017955 timesGPL v2
Hong Kong19454 timesCC-BY v3.0
Borneo (4096 x 4096)19240 timesGPL v2
France (4096 x 4096)18829 timesGPL v2
Sulawesi (4096 x 4096)17652 timesGPL v2
AlaskaRivers15685 timesGPL v2
hm41.04423 timesCC-0 v1.0
Mount of Crimdon0.10 timesGPL v3
Greece Region1.00 timesGPL v2
South Africa Wide10 timesGPL v2
South Africa10 timesGPL v2