Heightmaps (106 files)

Heightmap NameVersionDownloadsLicense
Europe1317088 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Square)1247324 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Tall)1230420 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe1228928 timesCC-BY v3.0
The World1219168 timesCC-BY v3.0
Continental USA1217401 timesCC-BY v3.0
Caribbean1212945 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe (Tall)1209610 timesCC-BY v3.0
Amazonian Basin1207698 timesCC-BY v3.0
Korea and Japan1204247 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and West USA1202328 timesCC-BY v3.0
Arabian Peninsula1199240 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Square)1197483 timesCC-BY v3.0
China and Surrounding Countries1195992 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Wide)1195586 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and East Australia1192439 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, England and Wales1189986 timesGPL v2
Spain & Portugal1187455 timesCC-BY v3.0
US East Coast1186581 timesCC-BY v3.0
Himalayas1185005 timesCC-BY v3.0
SE USA1184127 timesCC-BY v3.0
Congo River Basin1182198 timesCC-BY v3.0
The Black Sea1181714 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, East Anglia1181350 timesGPL v2
Volcano-X1.0180642 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
East Africa (Low Terrain)1179553 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Africa (High Terrain)1179374 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, The Midlands1178883 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Wales1177738 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Man1177645 timesGPL v2
Mars elevation model0.2177632 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, The Southeast1177405 timesGPL v2
Iceland1.0177203 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Great Britain, The Southwest1176774 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Thames Estuary1176715 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Wight1175907 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, North Wales1175296 timesGPL v2
Southern South America1175097 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, South Wales1175067 timesGPL v2
Indian Subcontinent1174889 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, the Pennines1174703 timesGPL v2
Example staircase1173129 timesGPL v2
The Caspian Sea1172348 timesCC-BY v3.0
New Guinea1169109 timesCC-BY v3.0
Iberian Peninsula1.0169060 timesGPL v3
Wide Lakelands1.0163333 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Curve Land 10.9161468 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 31.0159238 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 21.0158954 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Taiwan1158615 timesCC-BY v3.0
UK Heightmap3.00156510 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 11.0155084 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Uruguay Heightmap1.1154877 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Israel1.0153841 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 21.0153181 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Fracland 31.0152655 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Fracland 41.0152480 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Ukraine1.0148173 timesCC-BY v3.0
ScotlandV0.1142141 timesGPL v2
Northern Caribbean1.00135850 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Scotland, Fife0.2134531 timesGPL v3
Siberia1.0114212 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Cuba1.0097483 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Crete2.095973 timesGPL v2
Netherlands - Rijnmond / Goeree1.092638 timesGPL v3
A Song of Ice and Fire1.590711 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Europe (4096 x 4096)478984 timesGPL v2
Australia, Victoria2.076052 timesGPL v3
Alpha Centauri Heightmapv173754 timesGPL v2
West Norway1.0.2012100671925 timesCC-0 v1.0
Long Island (USA)0.159444 timesGPL v2
Java - Indonesia155867 timesGPL v2
Very Flat Heightmap150200 timesGPL v2
Star Continent1.00349337 timesCC-0 v1.0
Reconstituted Reality1.044935 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Wozo Continent2r143762 timesCC-0 v1.0
UK 4096x4096140263 timesGPL v3
The World240013 timesCC-0 v1.0
Austraterra and Boreaterra 2k3r139418 timesCC-0 v1.0
Austraterra and Boreaterra 1k3r139244 timesCC-0 v1.0
South East Asia1.034282 timesGPL v2
Ireland 4096x4096133892 timesGPL v3
Singapore and Surroundings0.133870 timesCC-0 v1.0
Borneo (4096 x 4096)129642 timesGPL v2
France (4096 x 4096)128878 timesGPL v2
Hong Kong125287 timesCC-BY v3.0
Sulawesi (4096 x 4096)124655 timesGPL v2
AlaskaRivers123961 timesGPL v2
hm41.017364 timesCC-0 v1.0
Japan 1.014103 timesGPL v3
river valley113625 timesGPL v3
AustralianContinent1.012824 timesGPL v3
Denmark1.011561 timesGPL v2
Fennoscandia1.06953 timesCC-BY v3.0
Langeoog0.15341 timesCC-BY-NC-ND v3.0
Solomon Islands1.04916 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Solomon-Islands0.94731 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Japan, Chubu14290 timesCC-BY v3.0
Japan, Kyuushuu & Shikoku14214 timesCC-BY v3.0
Arma 3 - Altis and Stratis13579 timesGPL v3
Africa & Parts of the Mid. East13137 timesGPL v3
Canada 2048x20481.001490 timesGPL v2
Mount of Crimdon0.10 timesGPL v3
Greece Region1.00 timesGPL v2
South Africa Wide10 timesGPL v2
South Africa10 timesGPL v2