Heightmaps (98 files)

Heightmap NameVersionDownloadsLicense
Europe1301801 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Square)1235849 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central Europe (Tall)1220176 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe1218967 timesCC-BY v3.0
The World1210415 timesCC-BY v3.0
Continental USA1207873 timesCC-BY v3.0
Caribbean1204214 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Europe (Tall)1200889 timesCC-BY v3.0
Amazonian Basin1199380 timesCC-BY v3.0
Korea and Japan1195557 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and West USA1194056 timesCC-BY v3.0
Arabian Peninsula1191240 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Square)1189671 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central America (Wide)1187842 timesCC-BY v3.0
China and Surrounding Countries1187765 timesCC-BY v3.0
Central and East Australia1185218 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, England and Wales1182395 timesGPL v2
Spain & Portugal1180093 timesCC-BY v3.0
US East Coast1179043 timesCC-BY v3.0
Himalayas1177673 timesCC-BY v3.0
SE USA1177006 timesCC-BY v3.0
Congo River Basin1175239 timesCC-BY v3.0
The Black Sea1174546 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, East Anglia1174424 timesGPL v2
Volcano-X1.0173600 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
East Africa (Low Terrain)1172751 timesCC-BY v3.0
East Africa (High Terrain)1172558 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, The Midlands1172057 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Wales1170967 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Man1170837 timesGPL v2
Mars elevation model0.2170815 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, The Southeast1170717 timesGPL v2
Iceland1.0170444 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Great Britain, The Southwest1170099 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Thames Estuary1170000 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, Isle of Wight1169242 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, North Wales1168685 timesGPL v2
Great Britain, South Wales1168397 timesGPL v2
Southern South America1168173 timesCC-BY v3.0
Indian Subcontinent1168172 timesCC-BY v3.0
Great Britain, the Pennines1168106 timesGPL v2
Example staircase1166736 timesGPL v2
The Caspian Sea1165683 timesCC-BY v3.0
New Guinea1162684 timesCC-BY v3.0
Iberian Peninsula1.0162417 timesGPL v3
Wide Lakelands1.0156925 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Curve Land 10.9154811 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 31.0152717 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Curve Land 21.0152448 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Taiwan1151761 timesCC-BY v3.0
UK Heightmap3.00149203 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 11.0148746 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Uruguay Heightmap1.1148676 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Israel1.0147320 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Fracland 21.0146912 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Fracland 31.0146491 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Fracland 41.0146236 timesCC-BY-SA v3.0
Ukraine1.0141079 timesCC-BY v3.0
ScotlandV0.1135341 timesGPL v2
Northern Caribbean1.00129702 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Scotland, Fife0.2128367 timesGPL v3
Siberia1.0107329 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Cuba1.0089774 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Crete2.088985 timesGPL v2
Netherlands - Rijnmond / Goeree1.085977 timesGPL v3
A Song of Ice and Fire1.580976 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Australia, Victoria2.068448 timesGPL v3
Alpha Centauri Heightmapv166398 timesGPL v2
West Norway1.0.2012100665359 timesCC-0 v1.0
Europe (4096 x 4096)464744 timesGPL v2
Long Island (USA)0.152593 timesGPL v2
Java - Indonesia148655 timesGPL v2
Very Flat Heightmap143494 timesGPL v2
Star Continent1.00343092 timesCC-0 v1.0
Reconstituted Reality1.038786 timesCC-BY-NC-SA v3.0
Wozo Continent2r137218 timesCC-0 v1.0
UK 4096x4096132828 timesGPL v3
Austraterra and Boreaterra 2k3r132412 timesCC-0 v1.0
Austraterra and Boreaterra 1k3r132316 timesCC-0 v1.0
The World230828 timesCC-0 v1.0
Singapore and Surroundings0.128135 timesCC-0 v1.0
South East Asia1.027830 timesGPL v2
Ireland 4096x4096127809 timesGPL v3
Borneo (4096 x 4096)121486 timesGPL v2
France (4096 x 4096)120951 timesGPL v2
Hong Kong118759 timesCC-BY v3.0
Sulawesi (4096 x 4096)117866 timesGPL v2
AlaskaRivers116400 timesGPL v2
hm41.012021 timesCC-0 v1.0
river valley18000 timesGPL v3
Japan 1.05076 timesGPL v3
AustralianContinent1.04947 timesGPL v3
Denmark1.04654 timesGPL v2
Langeoog0.1183 timesCC-BY-NC-ND v3.0
Mount of Crimdon0.10 timesGPL v3
Greece Region1.00 timesGPL v2
South Africa Wide10 timesGPL v2
South Africa10 timesGPL v2