Digimon Fusion: Dust Zone 0.2

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Content Idscenario/000010a3/5763672c
NameDigimon Fusion: Dust Zone
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Upload date2016-09-10T04:15:37+00:00
MD5 (partial)5763672c
LicenseGPL v3
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  • digimon
  • dust
  • forest
  • island
  • warrior
  • EpicTyphlosion
Description Based off of the Digimon Fusion anime

The Dust Zone in the digital world has been forever neglected compared to it's other neighboring zones that are flustering with Digimon.

It's up to you to setup a transport route between the Dust Zone, Warrior Zone, Forest Zone, and Island Zone.

The fate of the Dust zone rests in your hands!

(V0.2: Changed up the map layout a little bit, You no longer need a ridiculous amount of GRFs)