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Description Designed to be a competitive AI. It uses all kinds of transport and is compatible with ECS, FIRS and many other popular NewGRFs.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.3 2020-07-07T09:09:52+00:00 31873b05 CC-BY v3.0 Available ingame
1.2 2020-06-26T14:09:41+00:00 41c5151f CC-BY v3.0 Only for savegames
1.1 2020-06-24T12:08:27+00:00 1c5ba183 CC-BY v3.0 Only for savegames
1.0 2020-06-17T08:51:46+00:00 5e237c18 CC-BY v3.0 Only for savegames