Content Idai/54455348
Project site http://goo.gl/fjrvs4
  • teshiron
Description An AI that primarily uses road vehicles, with some aircraft as well.

Will transport passengers and most cargo, and should be broadly compatible with most or all NewGRF's that provide non-articulated RV's that can be refit to the available cargoes.

Fixed in 4.0.3: SuperLib dependency updated so the AI doesn't crash. Stable in OpenTTD 1.5.0
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
4.0.3 2015-04-20T20:16:23+00:00 0a46dcb5 GPL v2 Available ingame
4.0.2 2011-12-17T15:21:57+00:00 67dc9246 GPL v2 Only for savegames
4.0.1 2011-12-15T15:39:15+00:00 671053b8 GPL v2 Only for savegames
4 2011-12-13T04:08:33+00:00 82caaee9 GPL v2 Only for savegames
3.0.1 2011-12-08T05:28:33+00:00 3d7959bf GPL v2 Only for savegames
3 2011-12-08T04:34:31+00:00 d922e257 GPL v2 Only for savegames
3 2011-12-08T04:14:04+00:00 0d6918f6 GPL v2 Only for savegames
2 2011-12-05T01:56:12+00:00 f1466dee CC-BY-SA v3.0 Only for savegames