Think globally act locally

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NameThink globally act locally
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Description Controls industry growth by influence of macroeconomic index based on global ratio of industries and towns served. Town growth depend on amount of passenger, mail and other goods transported locally, but can be also affected by global economy mood.
Additionally, if town is well served, there is chance to have subsidised passenger or mail transport to other town, regardless of its service and cargodist type. Probability depend on economy mood.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
20 2021-01-24T03:01:14+00:00 f4963352 GPL v3 Available ingame
19 2021-01-21T01:17:21+00:00 657af6fd GPL v3 Only for savegames
17 2019-02-10T18:45:08+00:00 69e97975 GPL v3 Only for savegames
16 2018-06-12T11:56:09+00:00 6a4c83ff GPL v3 Only for savegames
15 2018-06-08T08:44:15+00:00 a9b86d70 GPL v3 Only for savegames
13 2018-04-11T15:35:18+00:00 1cfc524d GPL v3 Only for savegames
12 2018-01-18T19:06:26+00:00 eb8f3981 GPL v3 Only for savegames
9 2017-12-10T23:56:50+00:00 973c3c4e GPL v3 Only for savegames