The World

Content Idheightmap/00000d1c
Shape Rectangle
Resolution High
TerrainType Hilly
NameThe World
Project site
  • jonno
Description 4096×2048 Heightmap of the World (excluding Antarctica)

• Winkel Tripel projection (better balance between area, angle and distance than the traditional Mercator projection)
• Accurate coastlines based on GSHHS data
• Accurate but non-linear topography based on ETOPO data (hills are higher and mountains lower; for better gameplay)
• Centred 10° east of the prime meridian (to make the map split in the middle of the Bering Sea rather than the Kamchatka Peninsula)
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
2 2014-08-23T12:11:30+00:00 3265f95b CC-0 v1.0 Available ingame