Rhein/Benelux, 1 tile:100m

Content Idheightmap/00001917
Shape Square
Resolution High
TerrainType Flat
DE Germany / Western Europe / Europe
FR France / Western Europe / Europe
LU Luxembourg / Western Europe / Europe
NL Netherlands / Western Europe / Europe
NameRhein/Benelux, 1 tile:100m
Project site https://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=84666
  • CaptainKlutz
Description Heightmap of the Rhein Valley and Benelux, from the STRM 1 project.

If you use this on a 8k by 8k size, 1 tile will represent 100x100 metres. If you use 4k by 4k, 1 tile will be 200x200 metres and so on.

Works with any max heights. For 'real' height, use 25 on 4k by 8k.

Thanks to OpenTopography and NASA.

Contact Cpt.Klutz for inquiries.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.0 2021-01-20T18:04:03+00:00 04107f2d CC-BY v3.0 Available ingame