TTRS as Objects

Content Idnewgrf/43480b01
Set Object
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
NameTTRS as Objects
Project site
  • chujo-chujo
Description Total Town Replacement Set transformed into placeable objects.
All buildings are snow-aware; many of them feature multiple colour variants.
Check out parameters for additional options.

Original TTRS graphics: Zimmlock, George, Oz, Red*Star, Purno and Pikkabird
Airport ground tile: Fake Airports by Quast65
Cars+parking lot at a nightclub: GarryG
Coding: chujo

November 7, 2023
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.1 2023-11-11T23:11:53+00:00 7b9da0dc GPL v2 Available ingame
1.0 2023-11-07T09:36:17+00:00 ddc9beaf GPL v2 Only for savegames