North Korean Aviation Set

Content Idnewgrf/454e2c01
Set Airport
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
KP North Korea / Eastern Asia / Asia
NameNorth Korean Aviation Set
Project site
  • EratoNysiad
Description This NewGRF not only adds new airport objects, mostly compatible with the fake airport objects NewGRF, but it also adds small airports with or without depot which you can use on either end, or in the middle of a runway. Planes won't be able to use eyecandy objects, but at least your eyecandy objects can now be flown to.

Designed with North Korean airports in mind.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.0 2021-07-03T12:56:55+00:00 486b6998 CC-BY v3.0 Available ingame