AuzObjects Agry Bridges

Content Idnewgrf/4747de01
Set Object
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
AU Australia / Australia and New Zealand / Oceania
UN-009 Oceania
NameAuzObjects Agry Bridges
Project site
  • kevinfields777
Description Australian-style fake bridges for fake roads, and objects to make real roads look like bridges. For use with Auz Roads, Auz Road Objects, Auz Creek and Drain Objects, Auz Water Objects and Auz Water Objects AddoNs. These may also work well with other NewGRF roads sets

Author: GarryG and DemianWSE and many others for coding and graphics assistance.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
5 2024-02-09T11:14:31+00:00 54a5946f GPL v2 Available ingame