JP+ Engines & Wagons

Content Idnewgrf/4a44a1e1
Set Train
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
NameJP+ Engines & Wagons
Project site
  • EmperorJake
Description JP+ Engines & Wagons: Part of the JP+ series, focused on Japanese locomotives, passenger coaches and freight wagons from JGR, JNR, JR and various private operators.

Requires JapanSet3: Trains to work! JapanSet3: Tracks is strongly recommended.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
0.12.4 2023-12-25T11:08:49+00:00 d29e7b20 GPL v2 Available ingame
0.12.3 2023-06-21T13:40:45+00:00 10de9627 GPL v2 Only for savegames
0.12.2 2023-06-21T13:10:36+00:00 2d79fa11 GPL v2 Only for savegames
0.12.1 2023-04-14T13:12:32+00:00 f45af5d8 GPL v3 Only for savegames
0.12.0 2023-03-04T07:57:58+00:00 6691f08e GPL v2 Only for savegames