Extra Station Names

Content Idnewgrf/4a475280
NameExtra Station Names
Project site https://github.com/JGRennison/extra-station-names-sample-grf
  • jgrpp
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  • JGRennison
Description This GRF adds extra station name strings for when all the default names have been used up, instead of "Town Station #NNN".

Requires an OpenTTD version which supports this feature such as JGR's patchpack v0.42.3 or later.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
2 2022-04-18T19:50:51+00:00 5c2a0b70 GPL v2 Available ingame
1 2021-09-10T20:35:39+00:00 8999f6f6 GPL v2 Only for savegames