Southern Pacific Steam Set

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NameSouthern Pacific Steam Set
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Description This set aims to totally overhaul railroads from 1863 - 1950 by introducing representative classes of every type of locomotive, passenger car, freight car, and caboose operated by the Southern Pacific Lines during that period.
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0.5 2019-04-11T01:59:09+00:00 95dc7f80 Custom Available ingame
0.4 2019-03-21T05:49:50+00:00 0d93deb8 Custom Only for savegames
0.3 2019-02-06T01:11:01+00:00 34c95764 Custom Only for savegames
0.1 2019-02-01T10:35:25+00:00 f5ed9616 Custom Only for savegames