Renegade FIRS r1.0.2.1

There is a newer version of this content available. Please use version r1.0.3 for new games.

Content Idnewgrf/4b4b0001/47b7ad17
Set Industry
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
NameRenegade FIRS
Project site
Upload date2021-06-21T23:51:08+00:00
MD5 (partial)47b7ad17
LicenseGPL v2
Download Only for savegames
  • Vanilla OpenTTD: >= 1.7.0
  • k-Knight
Description RFIRS r1.0.2. Not compatible with any FIRS versions.

RFIRS is a modification of FIRS that makes the production of industries grow over time depending on quality of service provided (engineering supplies now accelerate the growth of the production).

It’s easy to get started: grab RFIRS and choose a ’basic’ economy setting.

Or choose a more complex economy for a game that tests your skills & attention.

- 6 ’economies’, choose simple or advanced gameplay
- nice graphics
- such features