8/32bpp Chinese Trains 0.5.0

There is a newer version of this content available. Please use version 0.5.1 for new games.

Content Idnewgrf/4c450006/b778a774
Name8/32bpp Chinese Trains
Project site http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=70494&p=1159067#p1159067
Upload date2015-10-29T09:28:44+00:00
MD5 (partial)b778a774
LicenseGPL v2
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  • 32bpp
  • china
  • chinese
  • full zoom
  • trains
  • Leou_
Description After a long hiatus, I created this GRF. Increased more than 20 trains and rail wagons.
In the version 0.5.0,added all industrial wagons for temperate scenario.
(Coal Truck, Goods Van, Oil Tanker, Livestock Van, Grain Hopper, Wood Truck, Iron Ore Hopper, Steel Truck, Armoured Van)

It is compatible with 8bpp and 32bpp graphics. More trains will be added in the future.

Enjoy it !

(c)Oct 2015 by Leou