New South Wales Town Names

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NameNew South Wales Town Names
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Description The NSW Town Names Set add a number of both real life and NSW-inspired names to TTDP/OTTD.
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1.2.0 2020-03-01T06:59:30+00:00 ca58a0aa GPL v3 Available ingame
1.1.0 2019-12-05T08:56:03+00:00 05c80e7a GPL v3 Only for savegames
1.0.0 2019-06-10T01:32:42+00:00 dd2fcffd CC-BY-NC-SA v3.0 Only for savegames
0.8.0 2018-01-30T01:44:31+00:00 d16e43e6 CC-BY-NC-SA v3.0 Only for savegames