ISR/DWE-style Objects 1.0

There is a newer version of this content available. Please use version 1.1 for new games.

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NameISR/DWE-style Objects
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Upload date2013-02-05T18:35:47+00:00
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LicenseGPL v2
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  • dwe
  • eyecandy
  • industrial
  • isr
  • objects
  • Quast65
Description **THIS GRF IS OBSOLETE**
**Use Version 1.1**
ISR/DWE-style objects is a feature that has loads of graphics converted from the ISR and DWE stations-sets to objects. Also a lot of new features, like dock- and road-overlapping tiles, drive-through tiles and new graphics.
Recommended is to use it in combination with the ISR-style dock GRF that provides an empty dock, so that you can change the appearance of the dock via dock overlapping tiles.