Maglev Track Set v2 reMOD remod2.6

Content Idnewgrf/524a451b/a812d09e
Set Rail Infra
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
NameMaglev Track Set v2 reMOD
Project site
Upload date2024-01-09T05:27:29+00:00
MD5 (partial)a812d09e
LicenseGPL v2
Download Available ingame
  • reldred
Description reldreds custom fork of the Maglev Track Set. This one has a few more major differences compared to my other forks, these are in the form, of updated graphics as well as a bunch of new parameters. Also added pixel-perfect fences courtesy of Emperor Jake of the JP+ Crew. These match pixel perfect with JP+ Bridges and are intended to be used with my fork of the DPRK Track Set, Industrial Track Set, and Trackless Track set.