CIRso (FaCso terrain) 0.1.8

There is a newer version of this content available. Please use version 0.1.10 for new games.

Content Idnewgrf/52580102/3d9fd95c
Set Object
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
NameCIRso (FaCso terrain)
Project site
Upload date2020-03-20T01:19:46+00:00
MD5 (partial)3d9fd95c
LicenseGPL v2
Download Only for savegames
  • rotterdxm
Description CHIPS Industrial Renewal style objects (CIRso) 0.1.8
Miscellaneous cargo tiles, ISR/DWE-style fences and many transitional terrain tiles to mix and match your industrial areas.
CIRso is the companion mod to FaCso (FIRS and CHIPS style objects), but can be used by itself.
Graphics used: FIRS/CHIPS by andythenorth, FooBar, planetmaker, Terkhen, Yexo and many others.
ISR/DWE by Sanchimaru, Arte Pro, Norfolksouthern, Oz, Aegir, Born Acorn, Zimmlock, Ben_K, Maedhros, mart3p.