Unsinkable Sam (Ships) preview-3

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Content Idnewgrf/55535333/1ddf1e91
NameUnsinkable Sam (Ships)
Project site https://grf.farm/unsinkable-sam/preview-2/index.html
Upload date2021-01-05T09:33:54+00:00
MD5 (partial)1ddf1e91
LicenseGPL v2
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Description An early preview of Unsinkable Sam

This features 3 ships.

Shackleton Freighter 540t
Available 1870
Refits all freight
Extensive cargo sprite support.

Gunfleet Tanker 540,000 litres
Available 1870
Refits most non-edible liquids
Ship colour changes depending on cargo.

Belliveau Edibles Tanker 540,000 litres
Available 1870
Refits edible liquids.

Preview replaces previous alpha releases. Ship style and stats have been revised following a lot of testing.