GETS Cargo Age Period Fix

Content Idnewgrf/5f5f0406
Set Train
Palette 8bpp
HasHighRes No
HasSoundEffects No
DE Germany / Western Europe / Europe
NameGETS Cargo Age Period Fix
Project site
  • JohnFranklin523
Description By adding it AFTER GETS, the cargo age periods of some trains and wagons will change. Now compatible with GETS 0.5. John Franklin, 1 Feb 2023. Under GPLv2.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
0.3 2024-02-01T06:09:39+00:00 acdebf4b GPL v2 Available ingame
0.2 2023-10-04T10:45:53+00:00 652abf32 GPL v2 Only for savegames
0.1 2023-05-08T10:23:07+00:00 b1e1e792 GPL v2 Only for savegames