FIRS Industry Replacement Set 2 2.1.5

Content Idnewgrf/f1250006/05978af7
NameFIRS Industry Replacement Set 2
Project site
Upload date2016-10-21T18:48:17+00:00
MD5 (partial)05978af7
LicenseGPL v2
Download Available ingame
  • Vanilla OpenTTD: >= 1.6.0
  • firs
  • industries
  • andythenorth
Description Bored of default industries? Make your game more interesting with FIRS Industries.

It's easy to get started: grab FIRS and choose a 'basic' economy setting.
Or choose a more complex economy for a game that tests your skills & attention.

- many industries boost production if required cargos are delivered
- primary industries never close, optional secondary industry closure
- snow graphics
- 5 'economies', choose simple or advanced gameplay

(Outdated - replaced by FIRS 3 or newer).