Northern Germany by SVWGiant

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NameNorthern Germany by SVWGiant
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Description The area of Northern Germany in the year 1930, the map covers the hole DDR-area an all between Koblence, crosses the Ruhrgebiet up to the North Sea, to the Danish border, than to Ruegen and Stettin down to Berlin and Prague.

The map bases on 512x512 squares.

Released on 0.6.1 but need 0.7.0 beta2.

v1.2 is planned completely new with custom borders and ESC industries etc.. Release soon.

need only riversw 0.1! Have fun
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.1 2009-03-13T20:40:10+00:00 4cff2dc4 GPL v2 Available ingame