Yorkshire, England

Content Idscenario/00000265
Shape Square
TerrainType Flat
Size Large
Climate Temperate
GB-ENG England / United Kingdom / Northern Europe / Europe
NameYorkshire, England
Project site
  • Dreedo
Description Scenario of Yorkshire in England, contains nearly all the villages/towns/cities that are big enough to be shown on your average map. Scenario shows towns from Doncaster to Middlesbrough.

V4 adds height differences in terrain, and rivers.

By Dreedo
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
4 2013-07-15T12:58:02+00:00 a7393414 GPL v3 Available ingame
3 2009-12-14T21:10:15+00:00 146a9cb1 GPL v3 Only for savegames