Beginner Tutorial 13

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Content Idscenario/0000095c/023f1d7d
NameBeginner Tutorial
Project site
Upload date2013-04-03T21:23:06+00:00
MD5 (partial)023f1d7d
LicenseGPL v2
Download Only for savegames
  • Zuu
Description An interactive tutorial that teaches you how to play OpenTTD.

Completed chapters: (more to come)
* Navigation (new)
* Aircraft
* Ships
* Trucks (updated)
* Buses (new)

How to get started:
1. Download the scenario named "Beginner Tutorial" (and its dependencies).
2. Click on play scenario
3. Select "Beginner Tutorial" in the list.
4. If you do not have all NewGRFs, click the "find missing content online" button and download all missing NewGRFs
5. Click "Load" to play the scenario.