dpk's UK and Ireland Map (1900)

Content Idscenario/00000f01
Shape Square
TerrainType Hilly
Size Large
Climate Temperate
BE Belgium / Western Europe / Europe
FR France / Western Europe / Europe
GB-ENG England / United Kingdom / Northern Europe / Europe
GB-SCT Scotland / United Kingdom / Northern Europe / Europe
GB-WLS Wales / United Kingdom / Northern Europe / Europe
IE Ireland / Northern Europe / Europe
Namedpk's UK and Ireland Map (1900)
Project site http://dpk.io/ttd/uk
  • dpk
Description A scenario containing the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and parts of France and Belgium. Starts in 1900.

Loaded GRFs are FIRS, UKRS2 (with add-on set), av8 planes, eGRVTS, FISH 2; TaI UK Houses and some well-known station sets are also included.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
0.1 2015-11-10T11:44:53+00:00 01287c6f CC-BY v3.0 Available ingame