East Africa 1945

Content Idscenario/000011a9
Shape Square
TerrainType Hilly
Size Large
Climate Sub Tropical
ER Eritrea / Eastern Africa / Africa
ET Ethiopia / Eastern Africa / Africa
KE Kenya / Eastern Africa / Africa
SD Sudan / Northern Africa / Africa
SO Somalia / Eastern Africa / Africa
TZ Tanzania / Eastern Africa / Africa
YE Yemen / Western Asia / Asia
NameEast Africa 1945
Project site https://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?t=73800
  • Balsiefen
Description Set in 1945, as European colonialism starts to wind down, the map covers east Africa between Khartoum and Dar es Salaam as well as the Gulf of Aden - Modern day Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen and South Sudan. Terrain is taken from heightmap; Industries and cities are placed accurately with period names.

Uses FIRS industry replacement set and vehicle replacement sets including the Tropic refurbishment set, FISH, eGRVTS, city tram set and Aviators Aircraft.
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1.0 2017-03-28T10:54:26+00:00 f822973e GPL v2 Available ingame