Dib's Tigard Transcontinental

Content Idscenario/00001769
Shape Rectangle
TerrainType Mountainous
Size Large
Climate Sub Arctic
US United States / Northern America / Americas
NameDib's Tigard Transcontinental
Project site
  • dibujaron
Description Requires JGR's patch pack: https://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?t=73469

Built on the excellent Stardust Coast heightmap from Cpt.K, this is a scenario designed to closely mimic the challenges of building a real early railroad. The industries are accurately located, the mountains are steep, and the planning is delightfully difficult. Finely tuned after many hours of playtesting, but more feedback is always welcome: contact dibujaron@gmail.com
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.2.0 2019-07-23T22:48:33+00:00 b7b2b7cc GPL v3 Available ingame