Esus Colony

Content Idscenario/00001852
NameEsus Colony
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  • 2554
  • 512
  • colony
  • future
  • halo
  • nais
  • nars
  • planet
  • temperate
  • unsc
  • SpiritOfFire88L
Description After the end of of the Human-Covenant War, Esus Colony was one of the few outer colonies that survived nearly undamaged. Due to this, it's population and industries have grown greatly. The government, however, cannot keep up with the demand for transport, and is willing to subsidise any companies that can pick up the slack. 512*512 Temperate map.
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1.0 2020-02-02T16:49:03+00:00 a8a123f4 GPL v2 Available ingame