Mumbai - Suburbs

Content Idscenario/00001862
Shape Rectangle
TerrainType Hilly
Size Large
Climate Temperate
IN India / Southern Asia / Asia
NameMumbai - Suburbs
Project site
  • seedorsi
Description Size: 1024x512

This scenario is based on the heightmap of Mumbai, India. The suburbs are placed accurately, with some indicators to where certain things are supposed to go while playing (e.g. Airport, Metro, etc.).

This scenario is geared towards a passenger/mail oriented gameplay.
To play with industries, check out my "Mumbai - Industries" file in Scenarios. If you want just the heightmap, you can find it titled "Mumbai" under Heightmaps.

Have fun!

By Seedorsi.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
v1.0 2020-02-20T14:54:14+00:00 a18bd5bd GPL v3 Available ingame