Korean Peninsula v1.0

Content Idscenario/00001923
Shape Rectangle
TerrainType Mountainous
Size Huge
Climate Temperate
KP North Korea / Eastern Asia / Asia
KR South Korea / Eastern Asia / Asia
NameKorean Peninsula v1.0
Project site https://github.com/telk5093/Korean_peninsula
  • telk5093
Description Korean peninsula scenario with major cities and 4096x2048.
Some regions are cropped due to the size.
Note that there is no industries in this scenario.
Need Korean Town Names NewGRF(544b0101).
This is made with Korean peninsular heightmap(00001922)
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1.0 2021-06-05T06:44:58+00:00 92c2abd1 GPL v3 Available ingame