Japan 1875 (JP+ AXIS)

Content Idscenario/0000198d
Shape Rectangle
TerrainType Mountainous
Size Huge
Climate Temperate
NameJapan 1875 (JP+ AXIS)
Project site https://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?t=91105
  • amadingo
Description JAPAN 1875 (JP+ AXIS)

NewGRF Requirements:
- Japan Set3 pack
- JP+ set
- AXIS Industry set
(All should be available on BaNaNas)

This is the JP+/AXIS industries map for the Japan 1875 scenario. As much attention as possible has been paid to putting primary industries in their historical locations based on the freely-available sources that I've found. A few secondary industries are also included, though most should be built by yourself.

Please report any issues to the TT-Forums thread. Thank you!
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
1 2023-08-06T22:03:34+00:00 0832ab92 CC-BY v3.0 Available ingame