Nathan's East Asia (4k)

Content Idheightmap/000019af
Shape Square
Resolution High
TerrainType Mountainous
CN China / Eastern Asia / Asia
ID Indonesia / South-eastern Asia / Asia
JP Japan / Eastern Asia / Asia
KP North Korea / Eastern Asia / Asia
KR South Korea / Eastern Asia / Asia
UN-030 Eastern Asia / Asia
UN-035 South-eastern Asia / Asia
UN-142 Asia
NameNathan's East Asia (4k)
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Description East Asia
4096 x 4096

Map covers eastern India to Japan, and down to Papua New Guinea.

Islands, and natural harbors tested to ensure correct water passage generation.

created using Tangram Heightmapper and
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v1.0 2024-01-06T15:27:37+00:00 fd6ca116 CC-0 v1.0 Available ingame