VACE - VTOL Aircraft - Updated

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Set Aircraft
Palette 8bpp
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NameVACE - VTOL Aircraft - Updated
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  • therealbungus
Description VTOL AirCraft for Everyone: a VTOL vehicle NewGRF for OpenTTD. Originally created by Kris Knowlton (Oftcrash)

There are currently 13 aircraft, starting with the real Canadair CL-84 Tiltwing in 1964 and ending with the fictional Orbitas S-1 VTOL Scramjet in 2050.

Graphics and code by Oftcrash. Real World aircraft research by Kamnet. Sprites created using Zephyris' PixelTool. Updated by bungus
0.4.1 balances the running + purchase costs, adds the dragonfly ornithopter, and adds a rangeless toggle parameter
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
0.4.1 2023-11-13T06:00:06+00:00 f47f6f10 GPL v2 Available ingame