Articul8eer Test Set

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NameArticul8eer Test Set
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Description Confused by the extra code needed to make articulated road vehicles? The source code of this set aims to provide templates for creating articulated vehicles!

It also doubles as a road vehicle compatible with the Smartroads in the Utility Roadtype Set.

All graphic credits to acs121, graphics licensed in GPL v2.

Code can be re-licensed as needed, but please respect graphic artists' licenses when using graphics.
Version Upload date MD5 (partial) License Download
0.7a 2020-12-21T01:39:24+00:00 36b233af GPL v2 Available ingame
0.5 2020-05-23T05:51:21+00:00 eb46cdac GPL v2 Only for savegames
0.4a 2020-05-19T08:07:53+00:00 aeb8442f GPL v2 Only for savegames
0.3 2020-05-19T08:01:57+00:00 e07295b4 GPL v2 Only for savegames